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Influenster VoxBox + Rimmel London Stay Matte Lipstick Review.


I received my first VoxBox from Influenster UK, with Rimmel London products.

The website and app Influenster are from the US and have arrived recently in London, and if you know nothing about Influenster, I’m going tell you a little right now.

Basically, It’s a platform where you can do (and find) reviews of several products from big brands like Naked, MAC, Clinique, NYX and many others..  You can interact with another influencers and YES you can earn a FREE VoxBox, which is a Box with some products from specific brand that you receive in your home. And what do you need to do ? Just share your sincere opinion about the products received, in your social medias.

That’s a basically description about the Influencer, if you want to know more about how it works and how to improve your chances of winning the products, just let me know and I can do a youtube video explaining everything and showing you step by step on their website.

So, let’s talk about the products I’ve received.

Without any effects or filters.
Without any effects or filters.


Colours from up to low: Pitch Black (840) | Fire Starter (500) | Pink Blink (200) | Moca (720) | Latte to Go (710).


Rimmel London, Influenster


These Liquid Matte Lipsticks are now my favourites and there is always one color in my bag, at least.


Rimmel London, Influenster
I’m wearing the colour: Latte to go. (710)



I’m using the Nudes colours during the week days, and when I’m going out I’ve always been choosing them rather than any another kkk and the reason ? Ok, I’ll tell you:

  • The pigmentation is very good.
  • They’re waterproof .
  • They’re really long lasting.
  • They don’t smudge.

So, yeah girls, I’m telling the truth when I say that they are my new addiction. ♥

The strong colours like the black and the red have the same quality, even being strong colours, they had a perfect duration and really didn’t smudge. Who never wore a red lipstick and ended the night with the mouth all blurred? It happened to me already. Hahaha, and with these lipsticks it didn’t.

Usually when I go out, I need to top up at least once during the night ( about 5/6 hours ). That’s why I chose one of these lipsticks to use in a festival last week, because I wanted to feel comfortable without having to top up every time. And yes, the lipstick lasted all night without smudge.


Rimmel London, Influenster


For the festival look, I just added some glitter in the middle of my lips and a little bit of DUO® Striplash Adhesive to keep the glitter during the whole night. The result was that I didn’t need any top up, and I drank and kissed!! Hahahah.. So, yeah, they are super approved!



Rimmel London, Influenster



And that’s my experience with these amazing lipsticks, and WAIT UNTIL YOU KNOW THE PRICE: only £5.99 at Superdrug. And if you buy more than one, the second cost half the price. It’s amazing, isn’t it?  

Hope that you enjoyed. All my post in English are here  <- just click and will open a new window.



*I received these products complimentary for test purposes.

*Girls, please, forgive my english mistakes. This is my first time writing a post in english.

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